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November 30, 2012

7+ GreaseMonkey Script To Improve Youtube Experience

Vicky jet | 12:46 PM | |
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Halo our Dear loyal users today we are going share with you an most amazing youtube tricks only for which your youtube experiecnce absouletly change .
so why wait read this full article and enjoy.
Youtube is worldwide viewing video channel.Some time unable to autoplay,HD finding are difficult too. But today we are going to giving you Grease Monkey Scripts Which Help u Alot.
This scripts Are Only or FireFox.
                                                                 :: SCRIPTS ::

1.) BetterTube - This Script support for over 50 sites, And will allow you to see embed-disabled videos, download to various services, and more.

2.) Coralized Youtube Script This Script Allow You to Use the Coral Content Distribution Network to cache videos and speed up their loading on your pc system.

3.) Auto Play Video Full Screen This script will automatically open YouTube videos into full screen mode, completely bypassing the stand alone page.

4.) Video Focus Script This Script allow to watch videos without the distractions of chats, comments, ads and so on, while also giving you the ability to resize videos, customize the background color, center the video on the page and more.

5.) YousableTubeFlix Script This Script blocks ads from the sections you want, lets you download videos into several formats, automatically expand the “More” section, see all comments at once and more.

6.) Alternate Youtube Player This script Replaces the YouTube flash player with the Alternate FlowPlayer player.

7.) Youtube Googler This Script allows you to have more control over how a YouTube page is presented to you.  You can resize the video, prevent autoplay, and reorder items in the sidebar.

(If You Want Youtube Script Leaving This 7 Scripts Contact us..We provide It for You !! )

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